University of California, Irvine, CA

Ph.D. Candidate, Political Science (ABD)                                    October 2011

Dissertation:  Reviving Democracy: An Evaluation of Instant Runoff Voting

Dissertation Committee: Carole Uhlaner, Ph.D. (Chair), Katherine Tate, Ph.D.,

and Cecelia Lynch, Ph.D.


University of California, Irvine, CA                                       Sept. 2007

M.A., Political Science


California State University, Los Angeles, CA                         June 2002

B.A., Political Science (summa cum laude)

            Focus on Gender Studies


Santa Monica College                                                             June 1999

A.A., Liberal Arts (with honors)




University of California, Irvine


Summer 2009 and 2010



Macropolitics                                    Poli Sci 6B (current)

This is a political theory course exploring Aristotle, Mill, Wollstonecraft, Jefferson, etc.  Weekly essays were required and each class featured a roundtable class discussion of various foundational authors.  A role playing game was employed and each student given a character that matches one of the theorists so that they could participate in the current debate on the legalization of gay marriage.  Extensive writing, speaking and debating was required.  



Micropolitics                         Poli Sci 6C


Discussion, role playing, films and field trip were some of the methods used to assist students in understanding political ideologies including Marxism, various forms of democracy, Liberation Theology, Globalism, Environmentalism, Anarchism, etc.  Heavy emphasis on writing and comprehension of concepts rather than rote memorization. 





Community College


Pasadena City College

Spring 2009-Current                       Poli Sci 1


Taught various sections of Poli Sci 1.  This is an introductory course on national government as well as state and local.  Conducted discussions on the importance of politics in our everyday lives as well as helping students achieve a basic understanding of the structures and functions of government.  Incorporated service learning for extra credit.  Heavy emphasis on writing with regular short essays, midterm essays and a paper assignment on pending bills and propositions.  Group work involved analysis of eight different areas from the perspective of all registered political parties in California.  Guest speakers from the various parties provided additional interest and information.


Glendale Community College


2008-Current                                    Poli Sci 105 – American Political Ideals


Created an intense five week (4 day per week) course for Glendale students that focused on specific areas of political science such as the Constitution, political parties and discussions about the meaning of political science and the role of the government.  Students presented group projects explaining the political parties’ stance on health care and the overhaul of the health care system.  Extra credit assignments encouraging students to volunteer with political organizations (such as health care advocacy and environmental stewardship) was an important element of this course.  Legislation was analyzed with an essay assignment. 


Summer 2008-Current        Poli Sci 106 - State and Local Government


Engaged students in lively discussions, group projects and lectures regarding California state and local government, including the California Constitution, direct vs. representative government, the initiative, recall, voting, interest groups, political parties, analysis of propositions and all basic elements of local and state government.  Reading and writing skills were emphasized as well as public speaking and debate.  Held office hours, graded papers, as well as offered service learning credit for political volunteer work.     


Los Angeles Trade-Technical College

Summer 2008                                    Poli Sci 1 – The Government of the United States


This course examined principles, structure and problems of American government.  Introduction to constitutional law, connections between state/local/federal governments; political philosophy, interest groups, voter demographics, political institutions and philosophies.  Students utilized writing skills, made presentations, became familiar on a daily basis with current events and communicated with each other through forums, with a focus on improving their speaking and writing skills.  Extra credit service learning was utilized as the students volunteered on state and national political campaigns and voter registration drives. Held office hours, graded papers, lectured 2 ½ hours a day four days a week. 


Fall 2009                                Poli Sci 1 – The Government of the United States (online)


Created materials such as Powerpoint presentations, lecture notes, quizzes, exams and lengthy essay assignments for an online version of the political science course taught previously at LATTC.  Online course involved substantially more grading and contact with the students including emailing and phone conversations.  Numerous films, links and other presentations were available to the students who were motivated. 


UCI – Teaching Assistant


Teaching Assistant   Winter 2004-Present


Fall 2008                    Global Issues and Institutions


Taught three sections, graded midterms, finals and quizzes.  Conducted midterm reviews, held office hours, assisted students with comprehension of basic concepts in international studies. 


Spring 2008               Civil Liberties/Constitutional Law


Taught three sections, graded all papers, created course website and section content.  Held office hours. 


Winter 2008               Civil Rights/Constitutional Law


Taught three sections, graded all papers and made suggestions, taught students how to brief a legal case, advised students during office hours. 


Fall 2007                    Introduction to Anthropology


Led three discussion sections, review sessions, created a website of quizzes and study guides, and advised students during office hours.


Spring 2007               Sociology/Psychology of the Arts  

Met one-on-one with thirty-five students to help clarify concepts and assist them in drafting proposals, conducting research and completing papers in upper division writing course. 


Winter 2007               Political Analysis

Coordinated three sections, developed syllabus and grading system for ninety students, created quizzes and exercises, conducted review sessions, maintained a website and advised students during office hours. 


Fall 2006-2007           Sociocultural Anthropology           

Taught two sections, graded papers for sixty students, maintained website.  Created online quizzes.  Faciliated midterm and final review sessions.  Held regular office hours. 


Spring 2006               Social Science Analysis

Writing and research course.  Instructed twenty-two students on research and analysis skills in a hands-on laboratory writing course as well as basic quantitative methods.  Graded papers and maintained website.  Arranged regular office hours. 


Winter 2006               Introduction to Psychology 

Taught three sections for ninety students.  Graded papers.  Organized website.  Conceptualized midterm and final review sessions.  Held regular office hours.


Fall 2005                    Introduction to Biological Anthropology  

Planned three sections weekly for eighty-eight students.  Graded papers.  Maintained website.  Conducted midterm and final review.  Held office hours. 


Spring 2005               Introduction to Political Theory

Directed three sections for seventy-four students.  Facilitated debates between students from different theoretical points of view (Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Kant, Marx).  Graded papers.  Held regular office hours.


Winter 2005               African American Politics

Graded papers and designed midterm and final review sessions for eighty-five students.  Conducted weekly office hours and provided additional assistance to students based on individual learning needs. 


Fall 2004                    Parties and Political Organizations         

Graded papers and formulated midterm and final review sessions for forty students. Integrated personal experience as an elected party official as a supplement to lectures.  Focus on campaign finance reform, implementation of McCain-Feingold, third parties, party structure, etc.)


Spring 2004                           Macropolitics           

Developed and prepared three sections (Aristotle, Wollstonecraft, J.S. Mill, Max Weber, Marx, Durkheim, Pippa Norris) for ninety students.  Conducted midterm and final review sessions.  Held regular office hours.


Winter 2004               US Congress            

Graded papers and held midterm and final review sessions for sixty students.  Taught course in absence of professor.  Held regular office hours.









Guest lecturer in introductory political science course,

   California State University Los Angeles (Prof. Ted Anagnoson) 2002

Panelist, Green Party of Los Angeles County, 2003 and 2004 Campaign and Candidate Training Workshop

Panelist Cal State University, Graduate School Panel 2004

Panelist Cal State University, Graduate School Panel 2006

Guest Lecturer Political Science 305, 2004  American Government Platt College

Participated in Campaign Working Group, American Political Science Association

   August 2006, Philadelphia




“Political and Civic Leadership” – Chapter: Political Parties.  Sage Publications (Forthcoming 2010).


Edited “Statistics Safari” textbook for Prof. Kenneth Tangen, January, 2006.




“Does Instant Runoff Voting Promote a More Cooperative Style of Campaigning?

An Analysis of Mass Mailers in The San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ Election?”  Hawaii International Conference on Social Sciences  2008


April 2007 “Does Ideology Affect Donations to Congress?” Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, IL




University of California, Irvine, CA

Volunteer, Colloquium Committee 2006-2008

Planned speaking engagements for Political Science Department; assisted Chair in recruiting speakers, promoting events, and ordering food.


Volunteer Vanpool Driver, UCI


STRIVE mentor for returning military veterans at Pasadena City College (current).








Strategies for Working with Multilingual Students and English Learners

California Community College Internship Program 2009

Warren E. Miller Award, University of Michigan  2007

Received two quarters of fellowship from UCI

B.L. Hoyt Scholarship

Hector Elizalde Scholarship

Dean’s List California State University, Los Angeles

American Association of Political Consultants Scholarship,

   California State University, Los Angeles

Seek Scholarship from Santa Monica College




University of California, Irvine, CA


Creating Video with iMovie

Getting to Know Your Smart Classroom

Introducing Webfiles for Graduate Students

Toolbox: Introductory Overview of EEE's Toolbox

Websites: Instruction Web Design Basics

Two Full Day Workshops on Teaching Methods 

Stopping Plagiarism: Authority in the Classroom, Reducing Uncivility

Beginning Powerpoint

Powerpoint II

Photoshop Basics

Atlas Ti, Basic and Advanced


Generation 1.5 Colloquium on Student Writing


Moodle Training at LA Trade Tech (18 hours)


Member of Campaign and Candidate Workshop, American Political Science Association, 2006 in Philadelphia, PA



American Political Science Association

Midwest Political Science Association

National Notary Association

American Federation of Teachers

California Part-Time Faculty Association

Faculty Association of California Community Colleges






Notary Public in State of California, Founder and President of Miracle Mile Action Committee (501c3), Founder/Organizer of Miracle Mile Safety Patrol; former County elected official as Councilmember for the Green Party of Los Angeles County, former Executive Director of Southern California Americans for Democratic Action, former elected tenant’s representative on Mid City West Neighborhood Council in Los Angeles, former Treasurer for LA Greens’ Political Action Committee; former candidate for Los Angeles City Council.

Approved as Distance Learning Instructor at Los Angeles Trade Tech College.  Professional stand-up comedian (Lifetime, Comedy Central, A&E).  Typing speed: 120 wpm


References available upon request.